Grainne Carson Clegg is a printmaker based in Edinburgh.

Utlising stories told to her by her Deaideo (Grandfather) Liam MacCarrain about a strange character called Koffeedoff, Grainne’s printmaking explores family histories, local mythologies and childhood memories.

The image of the jovial, rotund gentleman acts as a mischievious symbol of the people and places that we all recall from when we were young. Although Koffeedoff doesn’t appear in all Grainne’s work, it is in this spirit – with a desire to connect the present and the past – that the work is made. The tradition of craft, which passes on skills and information from one generation to the next, is connected to familial ties, a sense of home and the act of story-telling.

Koffeedoff had a very bad cough

A very bad cough had he

But he got well

When he got the smell

From the top of the Lollipop Tree

Many of the prints featured on this site are available for purchase on Folksy.

Click here to go to Folksy.



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