When a Heron becomes a print

So last week I spent my time test printing my carved heron lino plates.  I’m quite pleased with the outcome so will be creating a new run this week to put in my shop fairly soon.

A spot of bird sketching

I’ve been spending time recently looking at herons. I’ve been noticing them a lot more whilst out walking and they reminded me of when I was a kid and one flew past the school. The other kids and myself thought it was some prehistoric bird back in flight. It was the first time I had seen one fly.  They are amazing to look at. I hope to make a lino print soon focusing on this beautiful bird.


Printing a print and typing a type.

Anyone ever have a ‘Petite Typewriter’ as a kid? It was one of my favorite childhood ‘toys’. I think even today with all the modern technology we have, kids are still drawn to the appeal of touch type (I know mine are!). Must have something to do with the need to touch and grasp everything in their way.

Finally got these prints finished and dry enough to pack and sell. They are now available in my Folksy shop if anyone is interested in taking a peek.

Back to the old Honeysuckle.

I went back to my old honeysuckle design and decided to enlarge it slightly with the idea to block print it on to fabric. I was still unsure where I was going to go with it but managed to make a purse out of the print. I’m hoping to get round to producing more of these soon.